Hi and THANKS for visiting my website!  My name is Mary and I live in Florida.  There's nothing particularly special about me except that I love making women feel beautiful about themselves.  Ladies, we are very hard on ourselves.  Do you ever wake up in the morning and just say, "Ugh!"  I don't have anything to wear?  I am too fat? I am too thin?  Somebody help me get rid of this food baby I am carrying around!!  Can anyone relate?  When I discovered Agnes & Dora my whole perspective on myself turned around.  Not only are these clothes super cute, they're stylish, on trend, incredibly soft and are made for EVERYbody!  No lie!  It's totally my WHY.  I feel so good about wearing this clothing that when someone compliments something I have on, I immediately want to share how to get these clothes and pass out my information.  I would have never done that in the past.  I am not exactly a spring chick so when someone 1/2 my age comments, I know I look good!  Let me help you feel GOOD TOO.